Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Police - Croke Park

Wow... I do not have words to describe my experience yesterday. The Police Live! A dream come true. Many years ago I saw a TV broadcast from the Synchronicity tour and how I longed to have been there.

I only had to wait 23 years, but yesterday it finally happened. It was a great night, even the weather was with us. After the dismal summer, yesterday was the best night for a rock concert. The crowd played a big part, you could actually see the guys enjoying themselves when the crowd sang the songs with them. According to some of the reports there were 82,000 people there yesterday.

After the opening act, Fictionplane, and a few minutes after 8 o'clock, Stewart Copeland came out to the excitement of everybody there, followed by Andy Summers who immediately started playing Message in a Bottle, only to be joined by Sting a second or two later.

The selection of songs was pretty good, and covered all the 5 albums. Pretty much all songs have been rearranged, but all sounded great. Some of the highlights for me yesterday where:

  • Truth hits everybody
  • Every little thing she does is magic (Sting said that he had written the song in Galway!)
  • So Lonely
  • King of pain
  • Synchronicity II
From the shows in the US, the only song I would have liked to have heard is Murder by numbers.

Overall, it was a great show, with the 3 musicians playing at the top of their game.

See them if you have the chance!


Ludovica la grande said...

Hola, he llegado a tu blog xk entre tus libros favorito está aura y tb es uno de los mios. Me quedé con unas ganas tremendas de ver a Police en Barcelona. Saludos desde semana46

Carlos said...

Gracias por tu comentario ludovica... espero que leas esto tambien. Se ti gusta Aura, lee tambien "Las Batallas en el Desierto" de Jose Emilio Pacheco. Es una novela muy corta de la misma correiente literaria que Aura, aunque el estilo y tema no son similares, pero tienen algunas cosas en comun

Ludovica said...

Tomo nota.jeje Y cuando quieras pásate por mi casa, ahora está en reformas hasta nuevas vistas.jeje SALUD