Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In Rainbows

OK, so it has been more than a week now since Radiohead released their new album In Rainbows. I have been listening since I downloaded it, and I think it's brilliant.
For an established band, they have taken a huge risk in the way they are distributing the music, as you can download it directly from their website, and you set the price... yes... you can download it for free if you want it.` Just for the record, when I went to download it, I ended up paying £40 for the Discbox version which should be delivered some time before December 3rd.

There are a number of reviews around the place, so I will not rehash them. .. suffice to say that this is a must for any music fans and specially for Radiohead fans.

My favourite track is Faust Arp!

Go and buy it!!!

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