Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My new iPod Touch

Ok,so I have had my new iPod Touch for a week now... and no, I didn't need it as I have an "old" 5.5 gen iPod, which is in perfect state, not full, and I'm still using it. Bu I had to get it.

The first thing I have to say is that the pictures on the web, don't do it justice. It is a beautiful piece of engineering.

Once you get over the shock of how it looks, and you turn it on, you get a chance to experience something unique. Out of the box, as soon as I turned it on, it tried to connect to my wireless network. I only had to provide the password, and it was connected. Safari works like a charm, it is unbelievably fast, and for such a small device, it works very well. There are 2 ways you can zoom into a web page, you either double tap with your finger in the centre of the area you want to expand, or you can touch it with 2 fingers and drag the fingers apart to expand the image. And if you tilt the iPod, you can change the orientation from portrait to lanscape, and back again.

The next thing you can do is go to the YouTube applet, and stream the videos... just like that!

The last WiFi applet is the iTunes music store, where you can buy music on line, which can be transferred back to your computer the next time you sync. The interface is pretty clever and works very well with the device.

OK, now I connect it to my Mac, and copy some music, videos and podcasts... because I can't wait to see how coverflow works on it... It is great!!! It is difficult to explain all of the interface, just drop by the apple website to have a look at the video they have of it. Here is a link to it while they keep it there.

iPodTouch Guided Tour Video

In essence, this is like the iPhone without the phone features.

Is it all good? Well, no, I have a couple of gripes.

  • Battery life is not great when using WiFi

  • It doesn't have a notes applet, or a Google Maps applet

  • You don't have an option to display the lyrics for a song, or the comments for a podcast.

Apple promised an SDK in February, and hopefully a few more apllets will come out then that will make this an even more interesting gadget.

I can't wait for the Newton to make its comeback!

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