Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rdiohead in Malahide Castle - June 7th 2008

So, the long wait was over. and finally after many years I had the opportunity to see Radiohead. I had huge expectations and, sadly, I was a bit disappointed. In fact I felt annoyed as I was leaving the show yesterday.

For those of you that have never been to Malahide Castle, it is a beautiful castle, north of Dublin, with a beautiful parkland. The ideal setting for a concert like Radiohead's.

So, what happened yesterday... well, the band came out at 8:30 and started with 15 Step, Bodysnatchers and Airbag... they rocked!!! But after that, they seemed to have lost the crowd. People around us were chatting away, and it was difficult to get into the music. Specially on some of the quieter songs like Faust Harp... I love the song and I could barely hear it!!!

We were standing close to the sound booth, which is usually a good place to listen to a concert. We also moved around a bit to try to avoid it, but it was the same everywhere we went. If people wanted to chat, they should have gone to Starbucks instead!

Having said that, I did enjoy some of the numbers, songs like Jigsaw Falling into Place, There There, Planet Telex and All I Need were very good. Generally speaking the 1st encore was the best. As for the second encore, I was really disappointed... no Paranoid Android, and they finished with Idioteque, perhaps my least favourite track... arrggghh!!!!

The band were good, they are all incredible musicians. On the way back, we had a discussion as to whether the fact that people were not into it was or wasn't Radiohead's fault. I think it was, they should have been able to get the crowd more involved.

If you are looking for the setlist, check my post from yesterday evening


Joanne said...

Hmm technically they were good, but they didn't seem very into it last night. And I think Thom had a sore throat.

The crowd was the same last night too, just sitting around chatting during the gig!

Dean Van Nguyen said...

i was at the soundbooth also! i cant say i noticed a whole lot of chat, but even if there was i wouldnt blame the people. its the bands job to engage the audience, and i thought at times they seemed like they didnt notice we were there. A good show and a fine set of songs though.

pc said...

You know, this chatting a gigs thing is really pi$$ing me off.

No matter who you go to see you get a load of people around you nattering. Feck off if you don't want to watch the band!

Down at the front where I was, there wasn't much chatting going on! I got some great video of Pyramid song too...when I get it uploaded I'll let ye know.