Saturday, July 7, 2007

Some new music

I have been buying a lot of music recently, among other things: Aimee Mann's I'm with stupid, new releases from REO Speedwagon, Modest Mouse, Ash , Marillion & Suzanne Vega.

  I have been a very big fan of Suzanne Vega, and here new album is fantastic (Beauty & Crime), It is a shame that she will not be playing in Ireland during her current tour... but hey Aimee Mann is, so hopefully I will catch her!!!!

  I really like prog rock (I know, sad), Marillion's new album (Somewhere Else )is pretty good as well, a bit more mellow thatn some of their earlier stuff, but very good... they even managed to get an article in Q

  Finally, Modest Mouse latest release is fantastic (We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank ), Johnny Marr (yes, the same Johnny Marr from trhe Smiths!!!) joinned them, you can definitely hear his infulence.  Well worth a check

  By the way, Basscast is back... check them out!

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